Friday, August 31, 2007

Speaking of Alan Tudyk... * I the only one who didn't know he's a natural redhead?

I love him even more now.

I want to have his redheaded babies.

EDIT: Because Amanda asked if there were pictures.

(*'cause, well, I'm always speaking of Alan Tudyk)


Amanda said...

No way! Are there pictures?

Anonymous said...

I assumed he was a natural red head, so yay for me! But I also thought he was faking an American accent in Firefly because the only thing I'd seen him in before that was A Knight's Tale. *embarrassed* But, hey! Lots of people in the Jossverse fake accents! And also, that guy on that crappy CBS sitcom with Jami Gertz!

Lolly said...

I think the guy in the crappy CBS sitcom with Jami Gertz is really British, and fakes his American accent.

Have you seen Death at a Funeral? Alan's accent is FABULOUS in it!

And I found this interview, in which Alan references his red hair, and also talks about his ability to do accents:

He's just so brilliant, yes?

jenn said...

Mmm. yummy.

Min said...

I actually thought he'd dyed his hair for the role in Knight's Tale. I came up with this theory that the moviemakers had him do it to keep him distinguishable from the Geoffrey Chaucer character.

Meghan said...

I assumed he was a natural redhead because of his coloring. Also, I don't know of many guys who dye their hair a natural red (even for movies).

In any case, he wears it well. And, you should totally have his babies.