Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Suprise of the day

Well, suprise of yesterday. Steven Tyler (you, know, from Aerosmith), was in our office building yesterday. The word was that he was there to see his lawyer, who's office is in the building. I stayed at my desk and watched the parking lot through my third-floor window, waiting to see if he'd come out the front. And sure enough, he did. And he got stopped by several people for pictures and autographs, most of them my co-workers! That was funny: Oh, there's Roy! There's Jim! Is that Sue? LOL.

One girl at work had been mentioning Steven Tyler the last couple weeks. When she went to the Marshfield Fair (an annual local town fair) last week, she'd been hoping to run into him. Apparently he's been sited there before. And wouldn't you know, she WAS NOT IN yesterday! Or today. She's going to die to find out she missed him!

Sue was kind enough to share a couple pics that she got. (I've blocked her face out because I'm assuming she wouldn't want me throwing her face around the internet.)


Min said...

Oh, how fun!

Anonymous said...

I once ran my hand up Steven's arm at a concert as he passed by me and I shook like a 13 year old girl for about an hour afterward.

I have to say he doesn't look all that thrilled to be in the picture though.


I still get Nathan Fillion.

Angela said...

You know, he looks really scary in that one photo.

CosmicAvatar said...

Vicarious celebrity experience! Yay!