Saturday, August 18, 2007

My review of "Death at a Funeral":

(Warning: just a wee bit spoilery at the end.)

Alan Tudyk

Alan Tudyk with a British accent.

Alan Tudyk in a hilariously funny role.

Alan Tudyk in a role requiring fantasticly humorous facial expressions.

This one scene (in which Alan Tudyk was again brilliantly funny), that was made everyone-in-the-theater-nearly-pissed-their-pants-laughing funny by Peter Dinklage.

Alan Tudyk naked. (This is the spoilery part. Highlight to view.)

OOOH!! . . Trailer!


Anonymous said...

I love it when I get to see my pretend boyfriends naked!

Anonymous said...

Kris Marshall & Alan Tudyk, on film, making silly facial expressions. Together. on british soil. being british. Holy mother of...there's a dancing penguin next to mal. And Matthew Macfadyen & Keeley Hawes are in this film!

- Tom/peaks

Lolly said...

Oh, Tommy, you made me laugh. I really needed that. Thank you. :D

Amanda said...

I nearly considered TiVo'ing the 10,000 episode of One Life to Life because Nathan Fillion was going to return for an alumni guest spot. I thought of you. :)

Lolly said...

Um...yeah. I taped them. He has got the SWEETEST smile.