Sunday, September 23, 2007

Shoulder update

Still having a problem. The worst is during the night and in the morning. I can only sleep flat on my back; anything else causes pain in my arm. But I don't like to, and barely can, sleep on my back, so I wake up several times a night, in pain anyway. So I'm basically tired every day. In the morning I use the heating pad for about 20 minutes before even getting out of bed. Then the whole routine of washing, brushing teeth, etc, and driving to work...all painful. So by the time I get to work, I just sit and eat my breakfast and use the heating pad for the first half hour. After a few hours of being up and moving, it feels better. I still have not used the mouse with my right hand, but I am doing a little bit of typing. And I ice it several times a day, and take Tylenol. Most nights I can do the dishes. And yesterday, I did ALL the laundry (seven loads). The boy helped. He's cool. This past Wednesday I went to the doctor (my GP). And even though I didn't think it was bursitis, it is. I guess that when the bursa first swelled up it must have pinched a nerve and that was what the original pain was. But now that the doctor has poked and prodded my bursa, that hurts now, like proper bursitis should. Doc confirmed my thoughts that I DO need to avoid ALL of the NSAIDs. Even aspirin. And I've been referred to the Ortho guy for my only other course of action: cortisone shots. Earliest appointment is this coming Wednesday. Huzzah.


Meghan said...

Ugh... bursitis is so not fun. But, you're going to feel so much better after the cortisone shot.

In any case, sorry you're dealing with that pain and lack o' sleep.

Amanda said...

I had to go look it up...oh, yuck. You never appreciate being able to move until you can't do it anymore. Wednesday can't come fast enough. [gently hug]

Anonymous said...

I've been "sleeping" on my back for the past month, too *hugs*. NHS doctors refuse to provide a diagnosis this year. Three ambulance rides, gallons of blood donated, prodding (pain free ;), a few cheap xrays, ECG's, urine samples, anal examinations (two by two, hands of blue) and nothing.

No doctor is listening but something is tweaking and shifting down my left side/lower abdomen, but there's usually no pain, just random side effects not necessarily related (too long and icky to list. Doctors are getting sidetracked by the icky.) A few Alan tudyk facial expressions have seen me through some awkward situations this past month.

Paying for a gastrologist on wednesday. I feel stronger today, yay. And to think, here I am moaning away on a GOOD day, you're in more pain and you're... WORKING?!! Cortisone shot please, my eyebrow is kissing the ceiling...


- tom/peaks

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, I so know what you're talking about as I've suffered from bursitis a few times myself. Get well soon.