Sunday, July 30, 2006

So, my weekend...

Saturday, Jake and I slept late, then hauled poor kitty boy to the vet for yet another blood draw (dumbasses that the vet forgot to send it to the lab two weeks ago when I brought him in!), picked up kitty's food and pills while we were there; then after bringing kitty boy back home, off we went to the Milk Bottle for a late breakfast. Yum. Then it was shopping at Walmart, a nice rest at home, then packing and the trek up to Ma & Dad's. Did two loads of laundry up there (yay for free laundry!).

This morning we all (me, Jake, Ma, Dad, Sis, nephew and niece) went up to Canobie Lake Park (small, old amusement park in NH), which we do every year just about this time. The kids had a great time. Us old folks were a bit wiped out with all the walking around all day and the HEAT and sun. Stopped at a pizza place for lunch, and after we ate, they suprised me with a birthday cake (birthday is tomorrow). My insane mother smuggled a birthday cake into the amusement park and was pushing it around all day! (We'd rented a carriage to haul all our stuff around all day.) So that was a nice suprise. Sis had pressies for me from her and her kids, too. (Ma & Dad had given me some clothes and cash that morning.) My neice and nephews gave me a gift card to Blockbusters. I'm sure there's SOME video I've been dying to get! And sis gave me a foot-care kit from Mary Kay. I just yuv me some foot-care kits!

After a full day at the park, we climbed into my parents' mini-van for the hour ride back to their house, then Jake and I got in OUR car the hour ride back to our place.

I've just finished using my new foot kit. It's marvelous. First, my tootsies did a 15 minute soak with rosemary and mint fizzie tablets. Then came the mint foot mask, which cooled and tingled my little feet for ten minutes before I rinsed it off and scrubbed and pumiced my heels. Finally I slathered on the moisturizing cream, and then put on the cute little booties to lock in the moisture. And don't my feet feel refreshed!

Now I should head off to bed and get some sleep, so the rest of me can feel somewhat refreshed, too!


Jenn said...

Oh, that foot stuff sounds wonderful! I want some now :)

I went to rub my feet on Jim the other night and they made a very unsexy rasping sounds....


Cindy said...

Happy birthday my dear. And yes I agree with Jenn...foot stuff is the best. I like rubbing my feet with a homemade concoction of grapeseed oil, sea salt and peppermint. Very decadent!

CosmicAvatar said...

That foot treatment sounds great. Happy Birthday!