Thursday, July 6, 2006

My life has become a "Friends" episode

Remember how Chandler was in data processing? And part of his daily lingo at work were words like "WENUS" (Weekly Estimated Net Usage Statistics) and "ANUS" (Annual Net Usage Statistics)

I just called my supervisor to ask him something. Here's the conversation:

Me: Hi, did you want me to work on any QC reports?

B: Yes. Oh, wait. I've been having trouble with those reports. They keep crashing my Swiss. Just work the QCQ (QC queue) for now.

Every time I hear QC queue, I have the urge to start square-dancing.

Swing your partner, do-see-do...


Podgy said...

I've been at this job for over a year and I still haven't figured out all the acronyms. And I have a fax machine that makes me want to take it out back and "Office Space" it.

Jenn said...

Yeah, there are a lot of WENUSes around here too.

Meghan said...

Crashing his Swiss?


Lolly said...

Crashing his Swiss?

Exactly my point. (Kinda sounds like it would have hurt, doesn't it?)

Isn't this fun?

Helen said...

We have BOQs at work (bill of quantities). And WOs, VOPs, SAP and a few others I'd imagine.

BOB was my favourite,it was something to do with bent barriers.

Min said...

Does anyone at work call you Toby? :-)

Lolly said...


About half the people do call me the wrong name.

Long complicated story. Here we go!

My given name is Laureen. I go by Laurie. Sometimes (lots of times) my name, Laureen, gets mispronounced as Lauren. Or Maureen. Or whatever. I feel it gets rather cumbersome to correct it: "it's Laureen, not Lauren, but please call me Laurie". (Side note: compound this with the fact that I now use my maiden name but used to have a different name when I was married, which Jake still has, and that name is also easily mispronounced, I'll answer to just about anything now.) So in temporary situations, like a class or a temp job, I usually just let it go and answer to whatever they say.

When I got to this job, they set up my email as Lauren. So I've been answering to Lauren all this time.

Except, now I'm staying.

And quite a few people still call me Lauren.


Lolly said...
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