Saturday, July 8, 2006

Oh, for crying out loud! [eyeroll]

I'm at work. I happened upon a file and noticed these comments. Made by one of our reps.



Could you...maybe...possibly... mean SPECIFIC?????????????

Am I the one who's wrong to find this disgraceful and unacceptable? It's everything I can do to NOT print this out and bring it to my boss. So I'm just going to bitch about it here instead.

Christ, we should at least be able to speak (write) PROPERLY at our jobs! It's not rocket science!


CosmicAvatar said...

I can't talk - I once put in an essay: "as a pose to" instead of "as opposed to". Mind you, I was about 14...

In conclusion, reading is good.

Anonymous said...

"we should at least be able to speak (write) PROPERLY at our jobs! It's not rocket science!"

What about the people that work at NASA?

Helen said...

A lady at work says pacific and not specific. I mentally go "ARGHHH" and move on, because I don't know how to tell her. And even if I should.

But you know that face and sound Sideshow Bob makes whenever he steps on a rake? Yeah I kind of get that in my head when she says pacific.

Meghan said...


Sorry, I just found that really funny. I mean, I have Pacific criteria... but I'm pretty sure that was a blaring typo.

Lolly said...

Nope. Calling it a typo implies that they knew the correct word and made a mistake while typing. In this instance, I'm quite sure that the person just didn't know the right word.


And yes, the NASA employees can rite howeva thiey wunt.