Monday, June 19, 2006

People who should be living in the nut house shouldn't throw stones!

Maybe I'll elaborate on this later.

A cookie to the first one to guess who's been throwing the stones.


CosmicAvatar said...

Hmmmm. Your mum? Given the various insane references and all that.

allison said...

Gotta go with Mom.

Unless it's my Mom. Either could work.

Meghan said...

Oh man... that's a tough one.

Oh wait - we're talking about your life, not mine!

Well, that narrows it down considerably. ;]

Jenn said...

Yeah, I must say "Your Mom" was the first thing to pop into mind.

See, we keep track of what we read!

Lolly said...


Virtual cookies for all! It it indeed my mom. Guess that was a bit obvious, huh? (Do you see now why I wanted to make sure that people could not find this blog if I didn't want them to?)

Mom likes to give me 'helpful' hints and advice that perhaps my kid is a little 'off' and could benefit from psychiatric help.


1. I am not ashamed to seek help from a psychiatrist. I've been to one myself. And I am very in tune to my child. If he needed it, I would not hesitate to get it for him.

2. Have you looked in a fuckin' mirror lately, lady? You are the one who is completely insane and if any of the rest of us has issues, you can rest assured that we got them from you.