Friday, June 9, 2006

Losing hope

So, I applied for a permanent position at the place where I'm temping. And I interviewed with the boss. In April. I had thought it went swimmingly. They loved me. They wanted me. The only hitch was that I needed more money than the position usually paid. (I'd wanted to apply for a higher-up position, but the boss said she needed someone full time for that, and I'm looking for part time.) We left it that she'd talk to The Powers that Be about how much she could offer me, and then we'd talk again about what their offer could be and what my bottom line was. It all sounded very good.

After not hearing a word for several weeks, I asked her where things were. She said she didn't know yet. I asked how long she thought it might be, and she said, 'a couple weeks'.

That was over 3 weeks ago.

Today, I'm just in a very discouraged mood and am not really motivated to get anything done here today. Is she working with TPTB to try to squeeze them for as much as she can so she can hire me because she loves me and wants me so bad? Does she already know that she can't hire me for the $ I need and so she's stringing me along to keep me here for the summer? I've been checking other job listings but I'm not seeing much out there. I don't really feel like starting all over for a job where the $ is just as low. I HATE job hunting. Do I push her into giving me some kind of answer? If the answer is, 'sorry, can't keep you', then I need to go find something else. Do I just keep coming here every day and not ask? Does that make me look like a wussy pushover?



CosmicAvatar said...

Yeah, I've been there. Just remember that, whatever happens, it is fated to be. Having said that, I hope it happens soon for you!

Jenn said...

*positive vibes*

And you deserve to get paid what you deserve.