Saturday, April 1, 2006

Favorite recent TV commcercials

Leonard Nemoy for Aleve:

Leonard is preparing for a Star Trek convention, but is on the phone with his agent insisting he needs to cancel because of the arthritis pain in his hand. His agent suggests he take some Aleve. He does, and, sure enough, his pain dissapates; and, much to the delight of the Trekkies, he's able to give the Vulcan peace sign.


You can view it here.

MacGyver for MasterCard:

You know the MasterCard commercials. Now they've made a beautiful one with our beloved Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver. (Helen, have you seen this?) I can't even do it justice in description, so you've just got to watch it!


I know there's at least one more commercial I meant to include here, but my sieve of a brain can't recall it right now. I'll update it later.


Ah, could I forget the LOTR commercial for TBS?

Play it here. It's the last line that gets me.


Helen said...


For a second I was distracted by the TV and thought I'd opened Kulia's Blog (you have similar/the same colours). I thought "Does she mean me-Helen or another Helen?" Then I realised I was reading your Blog.

If I get money I'd like to buy the MacGyver box sets. Yup. Because I find RDA hot. It's the sexy older man thing.

Lolly said...

Yep. We spoke of him before.

I LOVE this commercial. And Bravo to RDA for resurrecting MacGyver in this humo(u)rous way.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks for linking to my blog for the McGyver commercial. If you're a Lost fan, you might want to check out an old commercial starring Jorge "Hurley" Garcia. It also has Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite in it. It's pretty funny. You can find it here:

Have a great weekend!

Helen said...

Also the Mac/Mc thing is another one of the quirks of my brain. Same as I often mix up Bill Murray and Tom Hanks for some reason (mentally, they look similar in my head). I've not seen McGyver in a while, which didn't help in remembering!

So I copied what you said ;-)

Lolly said...

My surname starts with Mac. And people often mispell it as Mc. So I'm very sensitive to it. ;-)

CosmicAvatar said...

"Live long and prosper with Aleve!" Tee hee.

Meghan said...

Yes... I love the Aleve commercial.