Tuesday, April 11, 2006

In which my brain explodes.

So, as I had mentioned on the WD, I have been inferring lately that it's just-about-that-time to talk to my NINE year old boy about puberty.

Today I received the three books I ordered from Amazon. I figured books would be a good guide for me, as I, you know, never went through male puberty myself. I'm going to read each book myself first, before giving it to the boy. Tonight I've started with What's Happening To My Body?" (Thanks for the recommendation, bettie. I'd actually passed this one by when I was trolling Amazon, because the cover looked too corny. But now I think it's probably the best of the bunch, and I'm glad I got it.) I've just gotten through the introduction. Many chapters to follow. With pictures. And words. Like wet dream. And spontaneous erection. And ejaculation.

Is my nine-year-old tiny little baby really going to need to know this stuff?

It doesn't seem possible.



Annika said...

Oh jeez I hope the baby is a girl.

Helen said...

That icon just sums up the whole feeling of the post!

Tom said...

Spontaneous awhation?!

My parents didn't help with puberty. They let my school show a video with a family of completely naked people running around on a beach, throwing each other beach balls. Everybody in class were too afraid to giggle. Twas scary shit and not very informative, other than how families shouldn't act on day trips to, well, anywhere.

The less taboo subjects the better, I guess. Your doing well to even read a book about this. My family are really bad communicators, and I'm the one who tries to get things discussed. Like the time i discovered a pool of blood in the toilet bowl. "There's a pool of blood in the toilet. Why? Who did this? I demand answers." (something like that.) That was the day I learnt of periods. Eeeew. Sisters are gross!!

Good luck, laurie. Happy reading. If you have any questions, ask annika or helen. Hee.