Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oh my God, I am so special!

So, I've fallen in love with Lane Bryant. If I have to be fat, I can at least have nice clothes, right?

My new obsession is jackets. I got a denim jacket, a black blazer-type jacket, and a coffee-brown colored jean jacket (which was totally on sale, I SO wish it came in other colors, too. I love it.)

For a few weeks now I've had my eye on this other denim jacket, quite different in style from the first. I want it. I look at it every couple of days on the web site. It was listed as "buy one select another at 1/2 price", but I could find NOTHING else I really wanted. And I was feeling rather guilty for spending so much money, because I really have none, plus the boy's birthday is coming up, and Bon Jovi is coming back in July. But I need new work clothes, right? Right.

Finally, last week, THE denim jacket was on sale! And there was much rejoicing! I ordered it. It hasn't even arrived yet.

I just checked their site tonight, and it's not on sale any more. I double checked my order, and it was on sale when I bought it.

That means it was on sale...just for me.

happy dance


Helen said...

It was definitely just for you!

Annika said...

Man, the universe really had your back on that one. Awesome!

Meghan said...


I so understand the triumph you feel right now.

Rock. On. Sistah.