Sunday, January 1, 2006

My new year's eve

The boy and I ended up watching all 6 Star Wars movies. Well, 5 last night. We literally ran out of time and had to watch the 6th one -- which I always knew as the 3rd one -- today.

Also, the boy finally agreed to let me teach him how to play poker on Friday. We started out with 5 card draw. He caught on pretty quick. He knows what to do and when, and as he's got a great head for math, had no trouble at all figuring out how much to throw in after someone reraises him. Cool beans. However, I don't consider myself the best player, so when he had 5 crappy cards and asked me what the best way was to proceed, I'm not so sure I'm the best authority to give advice at that point. But that's the part he'll figure out as he goes. So anyhoo, as is common with him, he couldn't just have me and him play. He had to invite his favorite stuffed animals to play with us last night for new year's eve. So Simba (the tiger), Jason (the jaguar) and Mr. Bear (do I really have to spell this one out?) played with us. Really. I helped Jason deal and helped him with his cards, and the boy helped the other two.

After a while, I threw in some Texas hold'em. At first it really confused the boy, but after the second attempt, he got it. He then said he didn't want to play any more Texas hold'em, and went back to five card draw when he dealt. However, the next time Simba dealt, he switched back to Texas hold'em, and we played both games for the rest of the night.

So, as I said, I played poker with 4 new players who I had just taught how to play...and I was the first one knocked out. Then Jason (whom I'd been helping) got knocked out. So the boy and his two other animals, who'd never played before, were all that were left.
Example I pointed this out to him, and he laughed and said, "yeah, the student has surpassed the master already!" Either he's going to be REALLY good, or I'm much worse than I thought I was.

Also, Bon Jovi was on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve (a pre-taped bit, but still great). Did anyone see Dick Clark? His speech was really affected by the stroke. And he was in the studio, not at Times Square. It was sad.

And I did SIX loads of laundry today!


Helen said...

Hee, the student surpassing the master!

I think I learnt a version of poker quite young, with a friend, but I doubt it was the right rules! I have no idea how to actually play- though on Neopets there is a card game called Cheat, which I ROCK at. I can win it most times I play.

And go you on the laundry! (I just typed my name below, I'm so used to anonymous comments! And then, just clicked from my Blogger name, to the anonymous option! [doh])

Min said...

Dwayne and I recently watched all six Star Wars movies, too. We didn't watch them in one day, but in about a week if I remember. One thing about that - I kept yelling at Yoda and ObiWan for their lies. I like those characters much less now that I know the whole story.

I did about that much laundry today, too!

Meghan said...

If I would rather cut myself all over and soak in lemon juice than have to watch the "new" Star Wars trilogy again. *shivers at the mere thought of Hayden Christiansen*

And yes... we saw the bit with Dick Clark. It was really sad to see him so affected by the stroke, but good for him for going on-air for that short segment.

Anonymous said...

What was also sad was that he went to fast for the countdown. As much as it was nice to see him, it was a bit heartbreaking too.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you were guillible enough to let a stuffed tiger deal. Everyone knows they cheat.