Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm going to cry now

I just wrote this Big Ass reply to a post in Meghan's blog, about things needed for baby. It took me a long time to write. And then I hit 'preview'. And then the blog told me that new replies were temporarily disabled. And then I went to copy what I wrote to save it for later. But it was GONE.



And now I have to go make supper for the boy.

I hope I remember later what I wanted to tell Meghan.


Meghan said...

I wanted to cry when I realized how COMPLETELY RETARDED I was to accidentally disable comments in that post!!!!!!!

Thank you for the wonderful PM.

I can't believe you wrote all that twice for me.

You rock.

Even harder than Bon Jovi.

Helen said...

I hate it when the internet swallows entries!