Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Newest quilt

Here's my newest quilt. I started it a week ago, Monday, and just finished it tonight. The blocks are shaded four patches, also called Mary's Triangles. This quilt consists of approximately 100 different fabrics. I'm kicking myself, though, because I didn't think to count the exact number of fabrics until I had already pieced it together, making it much more difficult to count than if I just had little piles of fabric squares. So I don't have an exact count. I dug through my fabric drawers and used a lot of what I had: some fabrics are 20 and 30 years old, and I couple are some I used to make doll clothes when I was a kid. There's a lot of new fabrics, too. I wanted as many different fabrics as I could get, so I bought a lot of fat quarters, I even found some fat sixteenths on Ebay, and bought a bunch of charm squares, too. Also, most of the white fabrics are not plain white, they are white on white patterns, six different ones, and one is the one I made Jake's christening vest out of. The quilt measures about 80" x 80", and is machine quilted in the ditch. (Sorry for the sucky quality of the pictures.)

Even standing on a chair, I could not fit the whole quilt in frame.

The cat gave it a test-run. I think she approves.

The backing. I used many colors on this, but I used yellow and red for the borders and backing, so it would match my living room.

Here are some of my favorite fabrics in this piece:
I don't usually care for oranges very much, but I really like this one. Sorry for the blur.

For some reason I really like this one.

I also don't usually go for paisley, but I really like this, I love periwinkle, and it looks great with the yellow.

This is one of my all-time favorite fabrics, it is Chinese bellflowers, purple on periwinkle, with gold in the centers. I originally got this fabric to back my silk quilt, and have also used it on a lampshade and on an upholstered stool in my bedroom.

Another Asian fabric, purple and pink.

This is a new favorite, I bought it just for this project, for the border. It's cherryblossoms in red, pink, and white, on a yellow background, with gold. This cost twice as much as I usually let myself spend on fabric, and I never would have done it for a backing, but since it was for the border I only needed 2 1/2 yards, so I went for it.

The sound of the sewing machine has been driving Jake absolutely bonkers (now that he's in puberty, his X-men superpowers are emerging, and one of them is Super-sonic Hearing). I had to promise him that I'll take a break from sewing for a while. But I DID add that I have a friend who's expecting a baby in May, and I am going to make her a baby quilt before then.


Anonymous said...

Now THIS one is my favorite. And I spied some squares from my apron. You're stuck with me FOREVER!

Laurie said...

Yup! I've also got fabrics from the quilt I made for my sister, and the one for my parents. So I'll always think of you when I see your fabrics in that quilt. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, it is so gorgeous. And hoo-boy, do I ever feel like a slacker. I am still working on quilts I started in, um, 2007. (Though I use "working on" loosely.)

Angela said...

Holy kabonias, that is one beautiful piece of work. You're amazing!

Cindy (starshine) said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!

You're making me want to find my sewing machine and give quilting a try.

jenn said...

How much do I love cherry blossoms? Oh yeah!


allison said...

That quilt is so freakin' gorgeous, I don't know what to say!! Have you considered selling them? Honestly, I think there are people who would pay you good money for such a lovely thing.

Dogeared said...

Beautiful! And yeah, I'd pay money for something like that :D