Monday, March 30, 2009

I wish I was making this shit up

In January, Jake and I made plans to redecorate his bedroom over February vacation. Usually, DF and I take turns taking school vacations off of work, since the boy will not be in school, and although I'm sure he's responsible enough not to burn the house down, I just don't love the idea of spending 5 days in a row home alone all day. This year, of course, I have no job to take time off of. But as DF would probably want to spend a vacation week with The Boy, I had the following conversation with him in January:

Me: Hey, Jake and I are going to redecorate his room over February vacation. So do you want to take April vacation? I sure hope I have a job by then, and if I'm new to a job I can't take a week off yet.

DF: Sure. I can take off April vacation.

Flash forward to yesterday. DF had just dropped The Boy off from Boy Scouts, and I was standing with my calendar, reviewing upcoming events with him. He asks me if I can pick The Boy up from a scout event on the 20th. No problem. I remind him that although Friday the 10th is his night, I will have Jake because we have an event to go to. (Side note: the looks Jake and I gave him when he asked "who is Joss Whedon" actually scared him.) Then:

Me: So, you've got April vacation, right?

DF: No, I thought you said you were taking it? I am taking a different week off to work on my house, and can't take another week right now.




Luckily (for this situation anyway) I am still the Jobless Wonder, and I will be very happy to have Jake for April vacation.

But seriously...why do I try to communicate with him?????


DropEdge said...

You know, I've been trying to figure out what other bloggers/posters mean by abbreviations like "DH" and "DS" for months, but I completely understand what you mean when you say "DF."

Jenn said...