Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm not in LA! :(

I'm home, now. I'm happy to see my cat (she missed me terribly and yelled at me when I came in the door) and will be thrilled to see The Boy tomorrow, but I'm really sad I had to leave the party.

Things We Did:
  • Went to breakfast THREE times. I love going to breakfast. It's my favorite thing ever.
  • Walked to the beach.
  • Bought lots of chocolate and some licorice at a lovely candy shop.
  • Had a Dr. Horrible sing-along. Two of them, actually.
  • Had a OMWF sing-along.
  • Had a How I Met Your Mother marathon.
  • Played Ring of Fire. I was afraid at first, but it was SO MUCH FUN!!!
  • Drank. A lot.
  • Ate. A lot.
  • Drunk posted.
Things I did NOT do:
  • a goat
People I met:
  • Cassy (CassyLee)
  • Helen (Callie)
  • Amanda (Cosmic Avatar)
  • Caz (Caz)
  • Gayle (kirielle)
  • Bradi (MenleyNin)
  • Amanda (MdmeAlbetine)
  • Annika (bettie)
  • Will (oslowe)
  • Sam
  • Rich (BigEvil)
  • Kathrine (SoupyTwist)
  • Tom, Kathrine's husband
  • Rian (Tinkcat)
  • Simon (Bally)
  • Cindy (Starshine, I'd already met her but it seemed wrong to leave her out of the list)
  • Debbie, Cindy's cousin
I am SO happy that I got to meet and spend time with each and every one of you! You are all awesome, awesome people and I am glad I can call you my friends. I hope to get to see you all again.

News since I've been back:

  • Called the boy today, found out he was sick and did not go to school today. :( Am trying to not feel guilty for not being here for him when he was sick.
  • My mom might possibly have diabetes. She needs to go for more tests. She has started eating better and hopefully she will take care of herself. In the short term, this meant that I could not give her the gift I got her, truffles from the candy shop.
  • In the five minutes that my parents and I left their minivan on the street and went into their house, before coming back outside to move my car to the street so my dad could move the minivan back to the driveway, someone broke into* the minivan and rifled through it, stealing the big stash of change my dad had in there, and moving other items around, looking for who-knows-what. We suspect that when we turned on the outside light to go move the cars, we scared the asshole away. The person had been in the glovebox, yet did not find the little bit of money that was in there, so it seems he left in a hurry.
  • My mom woke my 20 year old nephew up to tell him about the break-in, and he promptly took off in his car, we assume to look for some asshole walking or running down the street. He came back once, but then took off again. Now my mom will worry about him until he gets back home.
  • Got back to my own home and my cat is stuck to me likethis. Kitty love is special.
  • There was a message on my machine from the school, because The Boy was absent and no one (The Boy's dad) called the school to notify them that he would not be in today. *sigh*
I wrote down the directions for Ring of Fire, but I cannot remember what happens when you get a queen!! Please help!

* My parents had left the minivan unlocked, since it would only be a few minutes until we were going to move the cars, so technically it wasn't BROKEN into, but I don't know what else to call it.


Eileen said...

The rules never seem to stick with the same cards when I play it, but I'm guessing the queen could be 21 or continuous drinking?

It sounds like you had a blast, which I'm happy about and sad about at the same time (why wasn't I there, dammit?!).

Annika said...

I had SUCH a good time with you! I am only sad that 1) I missed breakfast (three times!) and 2) you're not still here (we totally could have sent for Jake).

Meghan said...

I actually have the piece of paper with the rules for ring of fire on it (that Sharon wrote down about five years ago!)... but, I have to find it!

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time, and so jealous you got to spend time with some of my favorite people in the world. I need picture in my email, STAT.


Meghan said...

Pictures, that is. Many. Multiple. A plethora.

jenn said...

Mmm, tell me more about the breakfasts!

Lucky lucky all of you!!

Amanda said...

I want to say continuous drinking, but without remembering what the rest are...

That sucks about the van...did they damage anything? I remember when my car got broken into, they didn't actually get the stereo (which is what they were after), but they broke the lock and I couldn't lock the car. Which, after a break in, made me really nervous.

Dogeared said...

Continuous drinking, I think! I recapped them from memory for my Atlanta friend, and got stuck on 9 and Queen. Then I remembered, but I've forgotten 9 again [doh].

Lolly said...

Yes, yes, yes! It's Continuous Drinking!! Thank you!

Helen, 9 is Word Association (there's another name for it but I don't know it).

Amanda, no, they did not damage anything. They really could have only been there for a few minutes, and when we turned the outside light on they must have bolted. All they really got was some change. But still...Fucker.

CosmicAvatar said...

Yep, for the game we played it was Continuous Drinking. On the rules Cassy has, it is the Question card (which is 6 on mine) and Continuous Drinking isn't on her list, as it was replaced with... er... something else. Which I can't remember now.

I LOVE eating out for breakfast in the US. I should be grateful you can't really get brekky like that here, or you'd never keep me out of those places. *slurp*

It was AWESOME to meet you too!

Wanky news about the van. I'm glad the intruder was surprised off before he/she could nick anything else.