Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mikey!

My mom had us all over today, as it is my nephew's 20th birthday. I was 20 years old myself when he was born, and I remember that day clear as a bell. Sometimes it's hard to reconcile the grown man I see now with the little baby born that day!

This picture was a special request from my dad, it's a re-creation of a picture from 11 years ago when the kids were very small. I wish I had that picture here to post them both together! Everyone is in the same spot. (Except the dog. She wasn't here 11 years ago.) Left to right is: Jake, my mom, my niece Jessie, my nephew Mikey, Sugar the black lab, my dad, and my nephew Joey.

My sister and her awesome family: standing are my nephew Mikey and my sister Susan, sitting are my nephew Joey and niece Jessie, and Sugar.

The Boy and I, plotting evil as usual.

Sis bought pumpkins and brought all her carving supplies over for a jack-o-lantern-athon.

Sadly, we discovered too late that Jessie's pumpkin was actually pregnant! She found sprouted seeds inside.

Happy Birthday!

Sugar's birthday was last week, so she got a present, too.



DropEdge said...

Oh! Really, truly decorated pumpkins! That never happens where I live! (People here are lazy and tend to prefer Sharpies to artistic carvings. I suspect they're not aware of the deliciousness of the sauteed pumpkin seeds to which my kindergarten teacher introduced me 30 years ago.)

My cousin Mayme and I are planning to make Buffy and Spike Jack-O-Lanterns from a template someone linked to long ago. It looks complicated, but I'm willing to do it for the Awesome Factor.

Annika said...

Pumpkin abortionist! I will be picketing you in a week.

CosmicAvatar said...

Those designs are fab.

Meghan said...

I freakin' LOVE that picture of you and Jake!