Thursday, October 2, 2008

Double Feature Thursdays!

Jake and I always watch Supernatural together on Thursday nights. It is one of my favorite rituals. One problem we ran into early on is that every other Thursday is one of the nights when he goes to his dad's house. The solution? Thursday Night Double Features! On the Thursday when he's with his dad, I tape Supernatural and watch CSI instead. (I NEVER watch the Supernatural episode without Jake!) On the following Thursday, we start watching the tape at 8:00. We have to hunker down in my bed, with all the lights off. We fast forward through the commercials, so we usually have around a 10 minute intermission to get snacks/have a bathroom break, and then we watch the new episode at 9:00. We really enjoy watching it together. We seem to laugh or gasp at nearly all of the same parts. He can't always appreciate the music because it's older stuff, but I always tell him what it is. (Tonight was Lonely is the Night by Billy Squire! Awesome!) And he can near well always identify AC/DC when given a pop quiz.

Double Feature Thursdays Rock!

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CosmicAvatar said...

That's an awesome ritual to have. [nod]