Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm such a dumb-ass

The original title for this post was going to be "Oh, crap", but things panned out fine.

Ran out to do errands today: bank (ATM) to deposit some checks, and grocery shopping. Got to the bank, and couldn't find my ATM card. Damn. I searched through my wallet (several times), my purse, my car, my pockets (several times). Tried to think where I used it last. Gas station? Friday? Crap. Well, the bank itself is closed, and I can't use the ATM without my card. Or buy groceries for that matter. Fuck. Oh, yeah, my mom gave me some cash over Thanksgiving. Plenty to buy groceries with, anyway. Cool. So while I'm shopping, I'm thinking about what I'll need to do if the card is lost. Maybe I left it in my jeans pocket when I pumped gas. I know I already checked the pockets (I'm wearing the same jeans, and I haven't washed them. Shoot me.) but maybe I emptied the pockets when I got home the other day. When I get home I'll have to check EVERYWHERE. And check my account online to make sure there aren't any funny transactions. And then if I can't find it, I'll have to call the bank and get it canceled. Which stinks because I do a lot of my online shopping with it, and if it gets canceled it might screw up some pending transactions. Crap. Finished shopping, came home. Took everything in the purse out to search. No dice. Checked my pockets for the tenth time. Checked my coat pockets. Checked every horizontal surface I could think of. Marvel at how I expect to find ANYTHING in this mess, dummy. Checked my account online. No transactions besides mine. That's good. Maybe I lost it at the gas station? Spent 5 minutes trying to find the phone# to the gas station on the web. Couldn't find it. Went over it all in my head again. Checked my pockets again. WAIT!!!! It wasn't Friday, it was Wednesday! See, work was closed on Thursday and Friday, so the last day I worked and the day I put gas in my car was Wednesday! And because it was Wednesday, I was wearing my dress pants, not my jeans! Run to the bedroom where my dress pants are draped over the drying rack, and there's my card!



Oh, and here's the cat 'helping' me take pictures of bracelets:

(The pix are crap because I had the camera on macro.)


Chuck said...

The cat just wants to be included in lolcats.

Lolly said...

She already is.

jenn said...

Aw, a helper kitty!

I'm glad you found your card. I hate it when that happens.