Friday, November 9, 2007

I'm Bill Pardy

Which Nathan Fillion CHARACTER Are You?
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You scored as Bill Pardy

The Nathan Fillion character that you most identify with is Bill Pardy from "SLiTHER". Who Is Bill Pardy? Bill Pardy has unusually large BMs. You saved the world from an alien invasion, you got the girl, and now you're just waiting for your talking Bill Pardy action figure. Oh, and you saved Kylie from a deer.

Bill Pardy


Captain Malcolm Reynolds


Dr. Pomatter


Abraham Dale




I knew I was Bill Pardy!

EDIT: The bonus reel, "Who is Bill Pardy?", from Slither.


allison said...

Wow. I am like 84% Bill Pardy. I guess I better rent Slither.

The Bears said...

Jim is 80% Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

Well, he does like to misbehave.

We Bears are 60% Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

We also like to misbehave.

Anonymous said...

I'm 84% Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

"The Nathan Fillion character that you most identify with is Captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds from "Firefly/Serenity". Congratulations, you are the greatest sci-fi legend of all time! You are a hero, but not a hero in the classic sense. You continue to wear your brown coat as proof-positive of your true allegiance. You AIM TO MISBEHAVE!"

Oh yeah!


Meghan said...

I just have to ask... have you actually seen Slither? If so, does NF make it worth the watch?

Lolly said...

I did see Slither. It's not a movie I would ordinarily watch, but, well, Nathan's in it. I really enjoyed it. It was a funny-scary movie. And Nathan was awesome. I definately recommend it for Nathan fans. :D

Lolly said...

Oh, and the DVD extras feature a funny, funny Nathan, so make sure you watch those, too!