Monday, November 5, 2007

The good news is: I don't have carpal tunnel syndrome

Had my nerve conduction test today, and I passed with flying colors. Though it's really not so much fun at all to have one's arm hooked up to electrodes and have it zapped with electricity at the whim of a mad doctor, it's nice to find out I do not have any blockage or pinching of the nerves in the arm.

The next suspect is my neck. I may or may not be having an MRI. I will be talking to my doctor later this week to see what he wants to do.

And I got my lovely keyboard drawer last week. It's taken a couple days to get used to it, but I think it's marvelous. Go, me!

And I'm still quite stupid.

Carry on.


jenn said...

I'm glad you don't have carpet tunnel!

And, might I add, I got SOMETHING IN THE MAIL TODAY!!!!

Ohmygod! OHMYGOD! I'll have to take a picture and post and rave about it when I don't feel like crap. Based on various calculations that will be the end of November - but until then, THANK YOU!!!!

Meghan said...

Damn my being sick and missing the last couple days of posts!

1) Yay to not having CTS!
2) You are NOT stupid by any means.
3) I love the hairs sticks (I think that may have to be THE item...)
4) Excellent choice of cameras, and again I suck for not being here to give my input.

Okay, I'm going to go lay down again...

Laurie said...


My poor pregnant, pukey friends. There might possibly be a little something on the way to each of you that might be somewhat useful in settling your poor tummies.

The Bears said...

We're very glad to hear you don't have carpal tunnel!

And thank you *SOOOOO* much for the present! It's the best!

A picture is now up on the Bears' blog blog.

Jim and All the Bears

CosmicAvatar said...

No carpal tunnel! That's great news. And I'm glad the new keyboard drawer is working out.