Thursday, June 21, 2007

I hate when I'm stupid

Yesterday, now that the boy is out of school for the summer, I started working full time instead of 'Mother's hours'. Which means I get out at 5:00 instead of 2:30. So I'm tired. So tired that I've dropped about 20 IQ points this afternoon.

My boss and I somehow* ended up in a conversation about lions attacking animals at the waterhole. And then my brain left me:

Me: Yeah, when Jake and I went to...that place with the penguins...
Him: The Aquarium?
Me: Yes! Anyway, when we were there we went to see that movie thing that I can't think of the name of...
Him: Imax?
Me: Yes!

All that to talk about the Imax movie Jake and I saw at the Aquarium about the lions and the watering hole. [eyeroll] Shortly thereafter, the conversation ended. I think we both realized I wasn't up for anything requiring intelligence, like forming words into meaningful speech.

*I actually remember how we got there: He asked me who Bill Pardy was ('I'm Bill Pardy' is my screensaver), I talked about Slither, he brought up Crystal's coffee cans (do you really want me to explain that further?), then my origami, then it went to penguins (because I have several penguin look-looks on my desk), then to March of the Penguins, then how the penguins got attacked by sealions in that movie, then bobcats vs. deer, then lions vs. zebras. Then my brilliant Imax story.


Innocent Bystander said...

Mashed potatoes and gravy!

I mean, ironing boards and irons!

No, wait. I mean, I know how you feel. :)

Jess said...

Oh my god, I was just saying this the other day, to. . .that person. . .with the stuff. You know?

*cries at mass exodus of nouns from brain*

Amanda said...

I did this in class the other day! I couldn't remember "trade association". I said, "group of people in the same know what I mean". How embarassing!