Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Kick her when she's down, why don't ya?

Remember my cousin's daughter, K, who lost her husband to an aneurism a month ago? I just found out at my other cousin's funeral last week that she's 5 months pregnant! She already has 3 babies, this will be the fourth. I'm sure she knew she was pregnant when she lost J and went through all that. I can't imagine.

I can't believe this life.


Anonymous said...

This beggars belief. I wish much better things for K, and her children.


Podgy said...

Of course, there is the more positive notion that she has one last gift from him...

Dealing with my own large dose of unhappiness today, and working very hard to find the good in sad situations.

I do hope that K has a support system in place, and I wish for joy for her. And you. And, really, everybody. Because we all deserve some.

Lolly said...

You're right, it can and should be seen as a blessing. Especially since I'm hearing they think it's a girl, and her first three are boys.

But it just seems that this is going to be so hard for her. She has 3 sons (one of whom is still a newborn), she's had some difficulties with substances in the past, she lost her dad 5 years ago, she lost her brother 2 months ago, her husband 1 month ago, and her uncle last week. Her mom and sister live 1000 miles away. I don't think she does have a good support system. I do hope she will find love and joy with all of her children, and find support and a way to make it.