Sunday, August 7, 2005

I'm quite Irashional

I've got a rash. It started either Tuesday or Wednesday, as tiny little bumps in front of my ears and behind them as well. Lots of little bumps very close together, but more flesh-colored than red. By the next day it had spread to my ear lobes, further behind my ears and down my neck, and started heading toward my cheeks and chin. By the next day, it was moving up my temples, around the back of my neck, and down my arms! I went to the doctor on Friday. My doctor was out of the office, so I saw someone else. She seemed nice, and competent. She confirmed it was definately a rash but didn't know what from. I told her how I've been very, very tired lately; I do have trouble sleeping. Asked if I had a headache, No. Asked if I had a sore throat, No. She sent me to the lab to be tested for mono, strep, lyme disease, and I think something else, but I can't remember. She advised that if I did have something contagious, then I most likely was contagious to others 7 days ago, not so much now. I should have the results tomorrow or Tuesday. Now the rash has travelled down to both wrists, so it covers:

  • my upper arms
  • my lower arms
  • my shoulders
  • my neck
  • under my chin
  • the sides of my face up to my temples and down to my jaw
  • behind my ears
  • both sides of both ear lobes

And the oldest places, mostly my ears and around my ears, is now getting dry and sore. Whenever I take a shower I forget to be gentle when I dry off, and it feels like I'm scrubbing myself with sandpaper.

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