Saturday, June 25, 2005

Movies I Want To See:

  • The Good Girl
  • The Terminal
  • Miss Congeniality 2
  • Elf
  • Ocean's Twelve
  • Mean Girls
  • Bend it Like Beckham


Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me [up]

I nearly bought some films in the sales today but opted to leave them and get CSI: Miami season 1 instead, as I've waited ages for that. I hadn't ever looked at buying the films I'd picked up so they can wait a bit longer.


Annika said...

Mean Girls is the only one I've seen. I really liked it.

Angela said...

I watched "The Terminal". It made me cry a lot. But then, I cry at commercials, and even an episode of "The Simpsons"...

I'm just a big sap.