Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Busy little

In school, my son's class has been doing a unit on the Revolutionary War. Next week they are putting on two presentations: a play, and a living museum. My boy has two very different roles: in the play he is British Captain Thomas Preston, and in the living museum he is Samuel Adams. Which means he needed two very different costumes. Last week I bought all kinds of fabric, thread and buttons, revved up the sewing machine, and plunged in. I finished tonight. The costumes are due at the school tomorrow, as dress rehearsals begin then. I did the sewing, but he made it clear what he wanted for the costumes. (I personally think that Samuel Adams looks a bit more like Albert Einstein, but hey, it's not my gig.) He also has a (toy, wooden) musket, which I made him ask his teacher twice if it was ok to bring in to school. We'll see if he gets suspended or arrested!

Here are the results:


Anonymous said...

He's so cute! Those costumes look great, you must be pretty nifty with a sewing machine!

Good luck to him with the play :)


Anonymous said...

Good Job! I didn't realize you were so talented. I now where to go for all my sewing needs now. [grin]


Anonymous said...

Aww, those are so cute. I love the costumes!