Monday, June 6, 2005

I think I need to start easing back into the real world.

I was just watching Crossing Jordan (which is set in Boston). Woody, the cop, just answered his phone, put it down, and said, "they just found her car in Medford.". Woody is from Wisconson and of course has no Boston accent, so he pronounced it: Med-ford. I yelled back at him, "it's med-fahd, you fuckin' Cheesehead!"

I need to start interacting with real people more often.


Anonymous said...

“I need to start interacting with real people more often.”

You think Woody the cop from Crossing Jordan is a real person? Hee.

- Tom

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I do that with people mispronouncing Italian words on TV though!


Lolly said...

That's it, Tom. Twist my words to make me appear even crazier than I already do!


(And are you trying to imply that Woody isn't a real person?)