Thursday, May 13, 2010

12 of 12 - May

Today's 12 of 12 will be even less exciting than usual. I did take a lot of pictures. Pictures of my coffee mug, of going to pick up the cat's medicine, of the latest artistic addition to a local deer crossing sign, of me locking myself out of my apartment, of my walk, of my whole morning and early afternoon. But you won't get to see any of those pictures. Why? Here's a picture to explain:

2:25 pm, my laptop
Yep. My evil, vindictive cat walked across my keyboard while I had the folder of my pics from my memory stick open, and she somehow deleted the whole folder. Permanently.

2:30 pm, living room
"No, I did NOT delete any pictures!" (She's a liar.)

2:35 pm, living room
My latest knitting project. When it's finished, it will be a shrug.

3:30 pm, living room
Cat again. I am desperate for pictures at this point.

3:31 pm, living room
Ha ha! Kitty's naked belly! (Why, yes, I am still a little bitter.)

4:00 pm, living room
These came in the mail today! One is for me and one is for my sis. If you've never seen the Muppets version of The Frog Prince, you're really missing out. I do not generally support bootlegging, but this was never released on DVD so I had no other way to get a copy on DVD.

6:30 pm, living room
Sharing my steak tips with the evil, vindictive cat.

8:30 pm, living room
This is for an upcoming field trip for The Boy.

8:35 pm, living room
The Boy preparing a stash of candy bars for school tomorrow. He is selling them as a fundraiser for his Boy Scout trip to Washington DC.
9:00 pm, living room
My laptop. I'm really desperate for pictures now.

9:35 pm, living room
The Boy

11:30 pm, my bedroom
"Come to bed, Mommy. And...I'm sorry about deleting your pictures."

May 2010
??? I can't remember the time, bathroom
Another shot of my hair being belligerent when I try to pull it back.

May 2009
11:30 am, bathroom
This is just my hair being belligerent when I tried to pull it back.


Angela said...

Bake the hall in the candle of her brain!

Dogeared said...

Oh no, bad kitty! What are the odds of her hitting the delete button with a front paw, and the OK button with her back one?!