Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I am filling out a school field-trip form for The Boy. It sounds like a very neat trip, and for not much money. It is a trip to an interactive sports museum for our local NFL team, and they will be visiting the stadium as well. The trip also includes a meal at a restaurant there, with several items too choose from.

They usually have a dress code for field trips, the most specific part that I remember (because my child is a boy) is that boys must wear a button-down shirt and tie. For this trip, they are waiving the dress code. BUT, the notice gives a reminder that students must still be appropriately dressed. And what I'm finding a little odd, or at least remarkable, is that EVERY ONE of the guidelines in this notice, involve making sure that the female students are appropriately covered:
  • no mini skirts
  • no shirts or pants that show midsection
  • no "short" shorts (Bermuda-style shorts only)
  • no tank tops or spaghetti straps
Not ONE mention of anything a boy might wear that would be inappropriate. I would like to point out that this school is for students grades 6 - 8. I think it's kind of sad that they need to remind parents to COVER UP THEIR LITTLE GIRLS. What on earth were parents letting their daughters wear, that the school had to write up these guidelines?

Anyway, as I stated, the kids will be eating at a restaurant, and get to choose from several kid-friendly entrees. The other thing that I find odd is that, although they get a choice of drink, ALL of the choices are soda. Um...why no water? I know my kid might be in the minority, but he would prefer water instead of a soda. I don't understand why this isn't an option.

In any case, I'm not really complaining. It IS a nice trip, and I'm sure the kids will all have fun. I just wanted to point out those couple of peculiarities.


Annika said...

By eight grade a lot of girls were wearing mini-skirts. But it was also 1991 and that was just what was in style.

I suppose a boy could wear short-shorts. The idea makes me laugh uncontrollably, but that one COULD apply to boys.

DropEdge said...

Have you been to the mall lately? There are eight-year-old girls -- not eighth-grade girls -- dressing like Paris Hilton. And the only way they can do this is if their parents buy these clothes for them. It's really gross.

Jennmgan said...

I blame bratz dolls. And stupid parents. I mean, grade eight is one thing.. actually - just kinda. And what about reminding boys to wear pants that cover their unders? I laughed out LOUD at this guy downtown yesterday. He was probably 18 and his pants were so low that he's yanking them as he walked and they were torn on purpose to show off even MORE of his green boxers. He heard me laugh. I'm glad. That was just stupid.

We don't drink soda either. The boy is smart.

That Girl said...

I think you should send The Boy naked, to prove a point.

No? Too far? Okay, shirtless then. When The Powers That Be complain, point out that it isn't against the rules. (The closest would be "no shirts that show midsection", but it doesn't break that because it's not a shirt. Boosh!)