Saturday, June 13, 2009

12 of 12 - June

Welcome to my 12 of 12 for June!

6:35 am, my bedroom
Getting up to see The Boy off to school.

6:38 am, hallway
Tried to get a pic of The Boy, but what we got instead was him closing his door in my face. LOL

6:48 am, front door
Rainy, icky day. But doesn't the lawn look great? I have no idea what kind of magicks the landlord's been using, but the grass is incredibly green this year.

6:48 am, front door
Even the underbrush is a brilliant green.

9:02 am, living room
This is my newest obsession, thanks to Jenn. ;) Plants vs. Zombies!!

9:05 am, living room
Coffee time!

10:30 am, kitchen
Square from my latest quilt, which is still under construction. This still needs four more strips of fabric around it. It's going to be a log cabin quilt, and my bed covering.

11:05 am, living room floor
Ever since the cat got sick in April, she's not quite the same. One of the differences is that she no longer is affected by catnip. We're kind of sad about this. One theory is that thyroid troubles can cause loss of smell in cats. Every so often I break out the catnip and give it another try. Today, I ground some up between my fingers to try to help release the fragrance. For just a few seconds, she laid down with it, almost like before.

11:30 am, kitchen table
Cutting more fabric strips for the quilt. I'm not usually one for paisleys, but this one is gorgeous and now one of my favorite fabrics.

2:45 pm, living room
My new bead order came in! Now I can make that bracelet I've been waiting on.

2:57 pm, living room
Part of the fun is sorting through all the new beads and putting them away. :D

8:30 pm, living room
The finished bracelet, ready to mail out to the customer.


CosmicAvatar said...

That's a lovely bracelet, and I LOVE what The Boy's put on his door. BWAHAHA!

Chris said...

I don't understand this concept of "coffee time." There's "awake" and "asleep." Coffee goes with "awake" -- doesn't it?

I disagree, btw: the third flower is yellow.

nice 12!

~Sheryl said...

Nice 12 of 12 Laurie, That quilt is going to look amazing! I may have to request an order for one.. do you ever sell them?

Also, crafty lady, that bracelet is beautious!


Scooter said...

What a fun and colorful day!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

Dogeared said...

Heh, like the boy's sign - but he leaves for school at 6:35am?!? Yikes - poor him (and you)!

I got my zombie fix recently thanks to the book "Pride and Predjudice and Zombies". Good fun :D