Friday, April 3, 2009

Kitty Update

Just spoke to the doctor. Kitty definately has hyperthyroidism, which is treatable.

The needles did not show up on the ultrasound. The doctor is still going to talk to the radiologist about those. But she said that it's possible those were there for a long time we could maybe just leave them there; it's possible they'd stay fine, or possible they could migrate and cause further problems.

New info: there is a cyst on her liver and one of her adrenal glands is enlarged. They do not know if these are early signs of cancer or something more benign. One of her kidney enzymes is elevated; the dr. expected it to be back down today since kitty is now well hydrated, but it's not.

The plan for today is to give kitty food, and see if she keeps it down. If that is fine, then they will start giving her meds for the hyperthyroidism. Dr. would like to keep her one more night to keep an eye on that kidney enzyme.

So, there is a lot up in the air, we don't know how serious or how benign some of these things are, and we don't have any easy way to find out. But I am more hopeful than yesterday. Yesterday I had picked out her urn. Today I'm hoping we can bring her home, treat her for hyperthyroidism, and keep on keeping on.

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