Friday, April 3, 2009

Kitty Update #2

I am finding that blogging about this helps me keep record of all this, as well as keeping you all updated.

The doctor got to consult with the radiologist. Most of the needles are corroded and have probably been there for a long time and have not been causing problems. One needle is not corroded, and therefore newer and seems to be in the stomach. This may or may not have been causing her symptoms. The good part is that although her vomit had been tinged a little pink, she did not show signs of significant bleeding in the stomach. At this point we need to wait and hope that this needle gets resolved by her body the way the other ones did, and can just remain in there harmless like the others. And yes, I have asked for a copy of the xrays.

She has eaten a little bit today, she was a little interested in eating, which was a good sign, but did not eat very much. As long as she doesn't vomit, they are going to start the thyroid meds tonight. Those can take a week or more to start working, so unfortunately we won't be able to tell if she's feeling better (and therefore it was just the thyroid making her not feel well) for a week. If all goes well, I can hopefully take her home tomorrow. If she won't eat and either vomits, has diarrhea, or signs of stomach bleeding, I will need to bring her back in. If she is doing well, I need to bring her back in three weeks for a follow up. Thyroid meds sometimes need to be adjusted.

As far as the liver cyst and the enlarged adrenal gland, those are just "wait and see" things right now. Maybe they're just a part of her getting to old age and we never would have known about them if not for this episode; maybe it's the beginning of cancer. We don't know, and there's nothing we can do about it either way. So those are the things to not worry so much about right now.

So hopefully we will be taking her home tomorrow, and will also hopefully see her getting better soon.

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