Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shhhhhhh!!! It's a Secret!

Last week, I overheard my sister tell our mom that it was cold where she works, and she really needs a lap quilt. So I decided to surprise her with one. I am 99% sure she does not frequent this blog. And Sue, if you lurk and don't let me know, then shame on you, and you've ruined your surprise!

I put the denim rag quilt for The Boy on hold and made a (cotton) rag quilt for my sis. The sewing itself was very quick, since you sew all three layers together and it's self finishing. But then you have to snip along ALL the seam allowances to make it fray, and that takes FOREVER. (Although not as long as it's taking for the denim one, because the denim one is three times as big and also made of DENIM.)

After I finished snipping sis' quilt, I washed and dryed it twice to get its fray going on. Here is the finished quilt:

I'm going to mail it to her tomorrow. :D

The instructions for this quilt are here.

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