Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm out of control

I planned out my next quilting project yesterday. It's going to be made of Mary's Triangles with scraps from my fabric drawer, and it's going to have some reds in it, and it's going to live on the sofa. And even though I know I can't even start it yet because during February vacation we're going to be painting The Boy's room and that will turn the whole house upside down, I just now decided that I HAVE to make this quilt, too:

This is a postage stamp quilt of pastels and creams that I just fell in LOVE with. I would probably use 2" squares, where the one pictured uses squares just over 1". And I had planned on working on the quilt of Jake's baby clothes, but pushed that to the back burner. Plus my sis and I were talking about a photo-quilt for our grandmother's 85th birthday this summer.

I need to be stopped.


DropEdge said...

This one is really lovely.

jenn said...

Beautiful! If I find any of my stashes of cotton fabric, do you want me to send it your way? Any colours you're looking for?

Lolly said...

Ooh, that would be great! I think I'm leaning towards pastels, like in the picture, but I'll take anything.

Thank you so much. :D