Friday, January 9, 2009

New purse! Wheee!

I went to the Wilson Leather site last week because I cannot find any of my leather gloves. (Well, I found ONE, but that doesn't really help me, does it?) I really prefer leather gloves over knit, especially when I'm driving, as the knit ones slip in the steering wheel. Leather gloves were on sale, so I ordered some, and while I was there, I noticed they were having a 60% off clearance sale on some items, too. How does one resist that? I found a lovely red leather purse, originally priced at $60, lowered to $24.99, and then in the clearance section for $10.00. Again, how does one resist that?

It arrived today. It is so much nicer in person than in the picture on the site, and I apologize for being too lazy to go take some pictures myself, and only providing you with this picture from the site:
It is not too big, but is roomy inside, with just the right number of pockets for cell phone, etc. And...when I go back to their site now, it is no longer on clearance; it's now $24.99 again. That just makes it all the more joyous. Yay!


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One does not resist that. Excellent find, m'dear.