Thursday, January 15, 2009


My new flannel quilt. All of these flannels are special, they are all from our old shirts and jammies. The back is plain navy blue flannel, the binding is a mix of all the flannels, and it is hand-tied with navy blue embroidery thread.

Tomorrow I am working on another one. This was one I had made with Jake was little, for his toddler bed, very simple with just two fabrics in 10 inch squares. Then when he moved to a regular sized bed, I added to the edges to make it bigger. But I never liked how that turned out, and once he didn't use it any more, I took it back apart. So the lonely little quilt top has been sitting, nicely folded, in my fabric drawer for too many years. All it needs it to be tied to a new backing with new batting, and then bound.

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