Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Favor, please?

Can any of you, my awesome readers, use any of your awesome computer skills to tweak up a picture for me?

Here is the pic:

What I would like is to add some red to the flower petals, to tie the colors in a bit. And if the orangy-red in the outer ring of the symbol could be made a little 'redder', that would be swell, too.

A cookie, and my forever undying gratitude, to whoever can help me!



Annika said...

I redded it up for you but I can't find your email address. So, um, email me? Or I could put it on flickr for you.

Annika said...

I can, of course, make any changes you wish.

Meghan said...

It would be my pleasure. Emailing now.

And, unless I'm off base here, I think that would make an incredible tattoo.

may said...

that's a very pretty drawing, did you make it yourself?