Saturday, December 29, 2007

Time for an update

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. I am on vacation this week, seeing as The Boy is on vacation from school. We both go back on Jan. 2nd. Lots of sleeping late, movies and video games going on this week. Every day I say I'm going to tackle the laundry, but I still haven't. There's always tomorrow.

Jake and I went to see I Am Legend today. Awesome. Movie. Go see it. Really. Then when we got home, my two new movies from Amazon (Slither and Outing Riley) were in my mailbox. So then I made him watch Slither with me. He resisted quite a bit, "But I don't like slithery things..." which I countered with, "The slithery things don't matter at all. Nathan is really funny! You have to see it because Nathan is really funny!" And he was. And The Boy laughed at all the funny. And hid his face from all the slither.

Now Jake is sleeping over his friend's house, and I am drinking eggnog with rum and watching Nathan Fillion movies. This Firefly-men-movies-and-rum-drinking may be becoming a new little hobby for me. So far, so good.

Oh, I have pictures!

Here's my new coffee mug, courtesy of Think Geek:Awesome, huh?

And here's Jake's new plasma light bulb, also from Think Geek:
I swear, I bought that child a telescope and -with the help of my parents- a PS3, and that boy was just as excited by this $8 plasma light bulb. Really. He was absolutely fascinated that he has the fourth element of matter in his home.

And here's my Think Geek catalog:
There really are some neat things in it. And Jake's friend came over and was looking through it, oohing and aahing. And was all excited that I let him take it home. We really, really are such geeks here. I'm embracing it.

And here's my Christmas tree:
If I had any kind of photographic talent, this might be a half-decent picture. But I don't, and it's not. Oh well.

For New Year's Eve, I will be here hanging out with The Boy. His friend may or may not be joining us. Either way, there will be much Firefly involved. The Boy has been turning this friend into a Browncoat. Good boy.

Merry new Year to all!!


jenn said...

Oh, that sounds like an excellent New Years. We are still somewhat unsure what we are doing as "going out" makes my skin crawl these days. And, well, drinking is a bit frowned upon..

Meghan said...

Updatage - finally!

We still need to see I Am Legend. Time to find a babysitter, I suppose...

I am drinking eggnog with rum and watching Nathan Fillion movies

Okay, statements like this really make me wish you lived closer, even though I'd have to have my eggnog sans spike right now.

Have a great New Year's with Jake and Nathan!