Saturday, December 22, 2007

Poor Little Duffer

So, The Boy is ill. Kind of. He's just been exhausted all week. Really exhausted. Falling asleep when he comes home from school, and just really tired. So yesterday evening I brought him to Urgent Care to be checked out. He needed to have blood drawn, which is a Very Big Deal for him. He HATES needles. But he bucked up and made it through. The lab tech was very good and talked him through it very well. I could see that he felt like crying but he didn't. I am so proud of the mature, brave person he is becoming. But before the blood draw, during the exam, the nurse practitioner had him lie down and she palpated his abdomen. Which was met by much squirming and giggling. My little man is becoming so grown up, so mature, but he's still so ticklish that he can't get through a medical exam without laughing. I love that so much.

In any case, the nurse practitioner called me later in the evening. The mono results aren't back yet, but most everything else came back normal. So nothing Really Bad is going on. It is most likely just some virus and he needs to just rest. And since he is on vacation from school and I am on vacation from work until Jan. 2, rest is well within our grasp right now.


Meghan said...

Ugh... poor little (can I still call him little?) guy. Thank goodness it's nothing serious, and how great that you guys can just relax together until after the New Year.

Hope J-man feels better soon.


jenn said...

Hope a few days of relaxin makes him feel better!