Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jacob and the Chocolate Factory

Today Jacob took off on a road trip with his Dad. They are headed first to Pennsylvania to see the sights, including the Liberty Bell and Amish country. Then they will head down to tour Washington DC and the Smithsonian. (The thought of those two in a museum, especially the Smithonian, makes me shudder. As much as that boy is like me in a lot of ways, he's like his dad in many ways, too. I just know that they will spend hour upon hour reading every little plaque, studying every minute detail. I may never see them again. I'm happy they have this time together, but I am SO glad I am not with them.)

Anyhoo, today's stop was Hershey, PA. I already got pictures via email.

Well, I kind of wish I was there for THIS part. ;)


Min said...

Oh my god that is one huge hunk of chocolate!!! I hope they have a great trip together.

Anonymous said...

Wait, you post his name and photos now?

Aww, it looks like he's having a very good, sugar-filled time. I hope he brings you back some good stuff!

Helen at work

CosmicAvatar said...


*goes off on Homer-ish fantasy*

Meghan said...

I can't get over what a handsome young man Jake is growing into. He's going to be a teen soon, Laurie! When did he get so big and all grown up??

Then again, I'm already thinking about Xan dating. I think I'm getting ahead of myself. Don't mind me.