Saturday, April 28, 2007

Blogger's Choice Award

I was ever so pleasantly suprised to learn I've been nominated for the Hottest Mommy award at the Blogger's Choice Awards. Imagine that!

And I have, in turn, nominated the lovely Meghan, for Hottest Mommy and Best Photography Blog.

I think The Blogger's Choice Awards is a grand idea. Everyone should go there. Nominate someone. Nominate several someones! Vote now, vote often.


Meghan said...

Oh Laurie... thank you. I hope you didn't feel you had to nominate me in turn (as I feel my blog is somewhat lame-nothing-cool-about-it-why-would-anyone-other-than-my-friends-want-to-read-it?). But, having your vote for Great Mommy in real life has always meant the world to me.

Thanks again. :)

Lolly said...

Good Lord!

I swear I only nominated you for Hottest Mommy and the Photography catagory. I don't know how those other two got there!

(Not that I don't think you deserve it, but I think it makes me look kind of stalkery!)

And of course I didn't feel obligated. You are the epitomy of Hot Mom. And I love your pictures and I think everyone should see them.