Thursday, March 15, 2007

A poem:

Rifled my way through an old box of pictures and stuff tonight. Found this. It is the Best Poem Ever Written. It was written by my friend Lisa, back in high school.

By the window I sit
With a tear in my eye
Wondering and waiting
For you to pass by

Will you pass by?
Do you still care?
I will never leave
I will always be here

I know in my heart
We can work this out
And in my mind
There is no doubt

I want you back
Don't go away
I need you more
Each and every day

You're all I ever think about
And all I ever will
But I'm not going to sit here
In this windowsill

Crying and crying
For my love for you
Only wishing that
You loved me, too

By this window
You must quickly pass
Before I stick my head
Right through this fucking glass

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