Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Looking for a new makeup?

Even if you're not, I still think you should try this: Everyday Minerals. I'd never tried a mineral makeup before, and I didn't understand all the gushing testimonials: "Oh, I just tried it today, and it is amazing!"..."I just got it, best thing ever"...yada, yada, yada. More importantly, I didn't think that a powdered foundation could cover the dark circles under my eyes as well as the heavy goop I usually use does.

As a part of my whole Not Going To Be Fat And Ugly Anymore Campaign, I've been wanting to get back into makeup. But I found that my skin is different and what used to work for me, no longer did. So I asked around for recommendations. Someone mentioned Everyday Minerals, and I ordered their free sample kit. It comes with 3 foundations, one concealer, and one blush. Not large amounts, but enough to figure out what colors and formula will work best. You do have to pay for shipping, but it was under $5.00.

And I'm suddenly one of those people who say, "I just got the product, and OMG it's fabulous!" Really. It feels SO much better than that liquid slop I used to use. I feel like it's so quick to put on; just swipe, swipe with a brush. Really nice coverage, but natural looking, too. And my dark circles? I was amazed at the concealer. Furthermore, it's all-natural, and not icky for your skin. It likes your skin. It wants to be best friends with your skin.

I'm still going through my samples, trying to figure out which color and formula I want. But then I'm DEFINATELY going to order the Starter Kit: 2 foundations, 1 blush, 1 concealer, 1 finishing powder, and 1 brush, for $28.00. If I were going to buy my usual stuff from the drug store, it would cost more than that. And I can't wait to try the green concealer, to cancel out the red of rosacea.

Everyone should try this. Really. Go! Go! Order your free samples!!


Min said...

I used to use BareEssentials (or however it's spelled). I can't remember why I stopped.

Anyway, I put in my request for the sample kit. My Stila powder has been shiny and horrible lately so I hope this will look better!

Anonymous said...

As a part of my whole Not Going To Be Fat And Ugly Anymore Campaign, I've been wanting to get back into makeup.

I think your energy and dedication (I mean you're calling it a campaign, that shows your committment) is awesome.

Can't wait for a post you'll soon make where someone has complimented you on your hair or make up or has asked "Have you lost weight?"


Helen at work.

Jess said...

Heh. I find it amusing that I have to choose colours etc, when the reason I am trying to order the sample kit is because I have no freaking clue in the first place.

allison said...

I want to order, but I am afraid of the shipping charges that will end up attached. Because UPS is EVIL.

or as word verification says: awtvfwhy

Lolly said...


I *think* you can get so far in your order as to see the shipping charge before you have to fork over your money. Then if it's too much, just empty your cart and run away!

Jenn said...

Allison, do let us know how that went because I got scared off too.


Beyla said...

Well said.