Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pet Peeve:

People who, when given a less than stellar review of their performance (in this instance, work), and only offer endless excuses for their poor performance and then proceed to pick at and attack others (in this case, those in charge), instead of perhaps accepting that their own performance could, indeed use a bit of work.

I am speaking of people at work right now, but this can apply to other areas, as well.

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Dogeared said...

Pet peeve - people who ask unbelievably stupid questions without taking the time to you know - look for themselves.

Yes, I'm busy trying to do timesheets that I haven't had to do in 3 weeks, andeven then it was supervised, but of COURSE I can stop and tell you whether you need to hole punch with 2 or 4 holes for the folder, because heaven knows, you can't open the folder and look for yourself.

I wish I were kidding...