Friday, September 8, 2006

It's far too early for this

Here I am, struggling against sleep, waiting for my son to return home from his evening out. My TEN year old son.

His friend's dad took him and his friend and the friend's little sister to the drive-in. For some reason, friend's mom didn't think just having Jake sleep over their house after was a good idea. I don't think she realized how long a double-feature plus the long drive home takes. Rookies.

He might not be home for another hour, or more.

Is this what is to come? Staying up half the night waiting for that boy to come home? Pfft. When he's old enough to go out, I think it's time I start going out again.



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Jess said...

Next time, make sure he's going to sleep at a friend's house--that way you can party all night long!

Anonymous said...

Cool--wonder if it was the drive-in near me? We go ALL the time in the summers... (Read, don't need to get a baby sitter and the kids fall asleep before the second feature starts!!!).