Friday, December 9, 2005

My day so far...

Of course, the boy and I are going to see Bon Jovi tonight, so nothing could have made today too bad! Example
But today I had my appointment for my annual physical. My physicals now are a lot more involved than when I was younger. Now there's always all sorts of tests and stuff, much more poking and prodding. I took the day off of work as my appointment was to be smack in the middle of the morning, I didn't know how long it would all take, and it wouldn't be worth my time to go into work so late. His dad was to bring the boy home this morning before the bus comes for school. Woke up to snow. School was cancelled. So now the boy needs to come with me to the dr. office. Loads of fun for him. The boy arrived, and we set out for the doctor's office. Driving in the snow isn't my favorite, but I did ok. Got my flu shot, got my physical, got my girlie tests; then off to the lab where I gave them a whole bunch of my blood and then peed in a cup. Did I mention that I hadn't had breakfast (or even coffee!!) yet because I know I'm supposed to have my cholesterol test without having eaten anything first? All in all, the appointment was no better or worse than I expected. But now I had a sore arm and was hungry and needed coffee, and I knew it would take at least an hour to get home in all the snow. So we went to IHOP for breakfast (well, breakfast for me, lunch for the boy) which was really great, for several reasons:

  1. The boy and I haven't gone out for breakfast in a LONG time, and we love going out for breakfast
  2. IHOP is the only place I know of that still serves hash browns instead of home fries, and I haven't had them in about a million years.
  3. coffee
  4. For my breakfast I ordered scrambled eggs, pancakes, hash browns and, as I was so delighted to find on the menu, chicken-fried steak! I haven't had chicken-fried steak for longer than I've had hash browns. Yum!!! (C'mon...I don't eat like that every day, and I already had my cholesterol test!)
  5. More coffee. IHOP leaves a whole carafe on the table so you never need to wait for them to fill your cup.

Then we made the trek home, but stopped on the way to buy a birthday card for my niece, and to get $$ for the show tonight. The snow is turning into rain, and it's supposed to stop later. I hope so, because driving into Boston in the snow/slush/rain isn't my favorite, either.

Now the plan is for us to rest/nap until it's time to leave for the concert tonight!!!!

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Teresa said...

Have an totally superb night tonight Laurie!! I want to know everything about the show and say hallo to Tico for me!!!!!

Let me know how your wee man enjoyed his Jovi show!!

Sing your heart out tonight!!!

Annika said...

I am so excited that you'd think it was me who was going!

Anonymous said...

So very very jealous.

Lucky bitca.



Min said...

I hope you loved your concert!

I need to go in for girlie tests, too. I usually do it in November, but didn't get around to it yet this year.