Monday, July 12, 2010

12 of 12 - July

It's time for 12 of 12 again! 12 of 12 is the creation of Chad Darnell. Go check it out!

5:15 am: kitchen I really need it this early in the morning.
6:17 am, back door
"Everything is so very green, isn't it?"
6:17 am, back stairs
Behold, my sandals
6:18 am, car
I had put my travel cup o'coffee on the car roof to free up a hand to open the door. "Don't forget it there! Don't forget it there! Don't forget it there!"
6:18 am, car
I <3 this keychain
6:18 am, car
Time to go!
6:22 am, car
This morning is brought to you by: FOG
6:50 am, parking log
My new place of employment. For the time being, anyway.
4:05 pm, car
The drive home. Sky cleared up nicely.
4:18 pm, car
Not a great quality pic, but this is the deer crossing sign that, having originally been vandalized to have a big red nose, now also bears...I'm not sure what...on it's back. It could be a whimsically teetering pile of gifts.
10:10 pm, living room
The boy is sleeping on the sofa to be closer to the airconditioning. Kitty wants her pats.
10:28: pm, my bedroom
Ready for sleep!


Dogeared said...

Yay for work, though boo for having to get up so early!

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Good for you to have a new job! Not very easy to find one these days... ;¬(

The picture with the deer made me laugh so much! Funny!
And the FOG, even though it is not a good thing, it makes nice pictures!

Thank you for sharing!

TJ said...

Thanks for sharing you day. I too have done the cup on the car roof thing and unfortunately more than once forgotten it. Thankfully when I did they were in takeaway cups and not in one my own. Congrats on the new job and as for your weight loss goal. I wish i could keep on track with mine. Some day iIll get there. Keep up the good work Anyway, thanks again for sharing and we'll see you next month...