Sunday, June 13, 2010

12 of 12 - June

This month's 12 of 12 is a little half-assed, as I forgot it was the 12th until well into the afternoon. *blush* It was a boring, rainy Saturday, where we sat in watching movies while I worked on some sewing.

2:30 pm, living room
Today I introduced The Boy to Ferris Bueller's Day Off. he approved.

2:35 pm, living room
This is Timmy. I am sewing him a Jedi costume. For real. put out a request to crafty people, asking to make their mascot, Timmy, some costumes to wear to ComicCon this summer. I volunteered to make his Jedi costume, which includes pants, tunic, robe, and light saber. They even sent me a Timmy-clone so that I could be sure to make the right size. It's harder to make clothes for a monkey than you might think. I'm almost done now, though. Just have to hem the robe. And figure out how he will hold the light saber.

2:38 pm, living room.
I don't understand how it's possible, but I don't have any hook-and-eyes in my ginormous collection of sewing and craft supplies. I need one for Timmy's robe. So I'm stealing one off a bra.

2:45 pm, living room
The single hyacinth that I got from forcing bulbs. It's seen better days.

3:00 pm, living room
Today's coffee cup

3:45 pm, living room
I wasn't happy with the hood, so I've taken it apart to reconstruct it.

5:15 pm, front door
This is one of my shopping bags that I've been knitting. I <3 them.
8:20 pm, bedroom
Kitty is napping. Don't be alarmed by that shiny object near her tail. That's just her gun.

8:22 pm, bedroom
Closeup of kitty's gun.

9:00 pm, living room
Ok, NOW the robe is done, except for the hem.

9:10 pm, living room
This yarn will be another shopping bag. This one's not for me, it's for my friend Lou.

11:48 pm, bedroom
"Come to bed, mommy."

June 12, 2010
Plants vs. Zombies

June 12, 2009
Plants vs. Zombies


Jill said...

Save Ferris? Save Ferris?
... great film!

The Jedi Monkey outfit is excellent. He's gonna love it.

Dogeared said...

Aww, I love Timmy's Jedi outfit, it's awesome! Quite a talent you've got there :D

(I was horrendously late putting my 12 of 12 up, but they are now. I held off on commenting so that people knew when I left a comment, my own was up – the only way I could think of to let people know when I posted!)