Thursday, October 8, 2009


So last night, kitty had some bloody urine. Scared the ever-loving Bejeebus out of me. I brought her to the ER where they got an X-ray, a urine sample, and a preliminary ultrasound. Her bladder is small and thick-walled. We are hoping it is just an infection. We went home last night with an antibiotic, and I dropped her back off at the hospital this morning for a full ultrasound. She's there now, and I'm waiting for them to call me later to tell me when I can pick her up. And I will also be waiting for them to call me with the results of the ultrasound, and a game-plan.

Crossing fingers that it's just a bladder infection.

ETA: To quote the Governator: "Eets not ah toomar!" Nothing Bad showed up on the ultrasound. So, bladder infection. I just picked her up from the vet, and she'll be on antibiotics for a couple of weeks.

I am thrilled.


CosmicAvatar said...

Poor kitty! Glad it's just an infection, though.

Meghan said...

Whew - thank goodness. I'm so glad kitty is okay. Tell her I know her pain (BI's are THE WORST).